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Anonymous asked
Thank you for those numbers! I average...about 1 review per every 150 hits. Which is frickin' sad...

Oh, no, not at all! Review to View ratios can vary a LOT. My ratios are actually WORSE than that (300:1, for some), because if a story gets too popular and gets a decent number of reviews each chapter, it takes some of the pressure off of reviewing on one’s own. (Basically, the Bystander Effect takes place.)

What I’m saying is this: don’t worry about those ratios too much.

Anonymous asked
Invading your ask box, I want to know what the standard is for the number of views for a fanfic. What do yours get? Or is that a really personal question? AHHHHH

Oh, no, it’s not a personal question at all! It’s just… not one that I’m quite sure how to answer, to be honest. I stopped counting views well over a year ago, and now only check those numbers to see which chapters are getting the most hits, when views dropped off severely, things that have more to do with the percentage change in such numbers over the course of a story, rather than just the raw data.

Honestly, I’m more concerned about review counts, where I do have slightly more rigorous standards, but those depend on the story.

For minor, rarely updated stories like Two Moons, I expect somewhere between five and ten reviews per chapter. (Numbers are usually higher where reviewers are given some level of choice in the events of the story, such as with Just a Little More Sense.)

For unliked but regularly updated stories like It’s a Twin Thing, I expect somewhere between eight and fifteen.

For generally liked, regularly updated stories like Fly Free, I expect somewhere around twenty to thirty reviews. A short but popular story, like Three Generations of Brunettes and Redheads, will have about the same.

For newer, popular, regularly updated stories, like Keep the Fox in the Bag, I expect around… thirty to forty? Ish? That one’s inching it’s way up into the mid-forties, though review counts have recently dropped by about half.

Reborn at Hogwarts ranges between forty and sixty, with the record held by Chapter Twelve, at sixty-three reviews.

I also have a lot of one-shots, which have had anywhere from two reviews (Where’s the Rest of the Body) to thirty-eight reviews (Enkaku Byakugan).

The numbers for Gender Confusion were interesting, as I had about a dozen fairly loyal reviewers that commented at least once every other chapter, and a few people that just occasionally reviewed, so it averaged at about eight to twelve reviews up until the last two chapters, which had forty-five and fifty-four reviews respectively.

I don’t quite know if this is what you were hoping for, but it’s hopefully some interesting information. I think my numbers are kind of high, but not obscenely so.

The tumblr reply system is one of the glitchiest programs I’ve had to deal with on the site. I’ve lost hours of work, multiple times, because the page freezes and there’s no way to recover the work since the only way to get the page working again is to refresh the page. There isn’t even the occasionally annoying safety of “Well, if the message wasn’t sent, and they open up a new tab with the same messaging system, that message will be there as their default just in case,” the way that FFnet has it set up. There’s just… nothing.

Oh, your page just froze when you were seconds away from posting/you accidentally backspaced because you thought you’d clicked on the tags box but instead you actually just sent yourself to the last page you were on? Sorry, but there’s nothing saved unless you were willing to go through the hassle of saving it as a draft first, and instead of tumblr asking you if you’re sure you want to leave the page, the way it does when one is reblogging, it’ll just take you back anyway, and make you lose an hour’s worth of typing.

Than you, tumblr. How kind of you to teach me the meaning of patience and forgiveness.

Should I answer/address anonymous reviews on here?

Because I do get rather a lot of  questions in anonymous reviews, and I’d love to answer them somewhere, but I have a personal policy against including review replies in actual chapters.

So, yea or nay?

Only Half the Time

New story, found here.

Avengers x Naruto crossover.

Tony has a kid. Well, sort of. They’re family, anyway. Problem is, he only sees the kid half the time… so obviously, something needs to be done to fix that.

Tech Writer Clive Thompson: “The world of fanfiction is the most technologically explosive thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”


The leading flank in discovering how to use technology in cool, interesting, thoughtful ways will generally always be the amateurs. […]

I have a whole theory, actually, that the world of fan fiction is the most technologically explosive thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Every single technology that has come along, fan fiction people have come along and colonized it and stress-tested it and found the most amazing things. They were the first people to realize the potential of meta-tagging and bookmarking sites. Like, here’s a link with four tags, and then you go to a fan fiction person, and they have a link, and it has 70 tags. They are pushing this to absolute limit, and they are finding these amazing ways to sort knowledge.

It’s all because they’re passionate and nobody is making any money off of it and they don’t want to make any money off of it. They get some amazing stuff done. If you’re ever wondering about a future technology, just drop what you’re doing and find out what fan fiction people are doing with it. What are fan fiction people doing right now with WhatsApp? I don’t know. But, whatever it is, it’s the future. 

- SXSW Interview: Author Clive Thompson Explains FOMO, the NSA, and His Latest Book, “Smarter Than You Think” (x)


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Update for Unlocked Cage

Found here.

“—you will be put up with an apartment and a stipend until you are recovered, as you are, for all intents and purposes, a Konoha shinobi injured in a battle for her safety, even if you aren’t meant to exist yet. The Hyuuga clan—”

Probably just Hiashi. The other Hyuuga with any influence would have washed their hands of him the second they found out he was blind. Hiashi, though, had a pretty strong sense of nostalgia and familial responsibility, and was probably helping because of Hizashi’s recent death.

“—has agreed to also pay for an extended mission to provide you with a live-in aide until you are fully capable of either returning to the shinobi lifestyle, or choose a civilian job.”

Unlocked Cage is a minor story, and as such has shorter chapters and less frequent updates.